The Rise of Virtual Office Solutions and Co-Working Spaces

Virtual Office solutions, in simple terms, include the services provided to businesses that display legal addresses,
but do not operate in a certain location. Virtual office operating costs are much lower than a traditional office and
offers an economically attractive solution for businesses. In addition, with no tax payment for withholding,
you can show your invoice containing the value added tax deducted for your business as an expense
and add a plus to your company budget planning.
In addition to the opportunity to show your business a legal address,
you can also take advantage of the virtual office packages that offer switchboard services
like the telephone answering system that your callers will contact, and the secretariat service that meets your cargo.
Showing your home as a work address is also an option, but this has some disadvantages. If your house is rented; You may encounter situations such as making withholding payments and
notifying your landlord and obtaining
100% permission from your building/apartment. On the other hand, you may not be able to create a prestigious business address
perception for your customers.
Virtual Office services are combined with the services offered by co-working spaces.
Virtual office service has started to attract the attention of more businesses from every sector,
as companies around the world switch their employees to the remote working system, which we can call free work.
In addition to virtual office services, Coworking Spaces offers business packages such as the use of common areas,
discounted use of meeting rooms or free usage until certain hours,
and accepting visitors to the work area.
By utilizing virtual office solutions,
you reduce financial risks when testing a new service or product or stepping into a new market.
In addition to the preference of large-scale enterprises,
new entrepreneurs do not want to spend their initial budgets on traditional office costs in the first period of their business life. For this reason, Coworking Spaces have become an important solution center
on the way to becoming the primary choice of entrepreneurs who want to go global and
spread over a wide platform. In addition to all these, Coworking Spaces host startups on the path to growth,
while offering their members an important networking opportunity.

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