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Withco Coworking: Ready-To-Use Offices, Virtual Offices, Withcolic Digital Membership Packages, Meeting Rooms, Event Amphitheatre and Withco Shooting Studio

Withco Coworking Space İzmir offers a “home” for creative industries, “road” for developing disciplines, “space” for growing successful collaborations.

Starting off with the motto “Do what you love! Enjoy your work!” and designing efficient collaborative workspaces and ergonomic offices, Withco Coworking Space İzmir has become the best and latest example of the shared office model in the Aegean Region.

Withco is a comfortable and prestigious co-working space that offers customized and convenient working spaces, is easily accessible, has a communicative team and has an interior architecture designed by the idea of a “good office”, aiming to increase and spread creativity.

Withco, which allocates 50 percent of its 3,500 square meters area to common areas, has 80 offices, 4 meeting rooms and an event amphitheater for 80 people. We are constantly working on details, which make our members see themselves as part of Withco. The cute symbol of our brand, a 5-meters tall red giraffe, which welcomes our guests on the ground floor as soon as they enter Withco Coworking Space, is a reflection of Withco’s spirit.

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<h2>Let's choose the service you need</h2>
You can choose the most suitable service model in accordance with your working system and needs.
<h2>Events at Withco</h2>

You can bring together speakers and participants by taking current topics into consideration, and realise launches, presentations and promotions. By participating in the events held at Withco, you can learn new things, meet new people and have the chance to establish collaborations.

<h2>Withco Meeting Rooms</h2>

Choose a meeting room that suits your needs! May your meetings be much more enjoyable under the dynamic, comfortable and energetic roof of Withco!

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As our Withco Coworking ecosystem expands, we continue to discover new places. Are you ready to discover new locations with us?

Active Locations

Çınarlı (İzmir, Türkiye)

Our 2nd Branch Coming Soon