Brainstorming Techniques for Teams

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Brainstorming Techniques for Teams

The group discussion technique in which individuals in business life freely express their ideas with their teams, away from the anxiety of being criticized, is called “brainstorming”. It is seen that people working in industries such as advertising and project management use brainstorming techniques more widely. Teams using this method; It is noticed that they produce innovative ideas, improve their problem-solving skills, inspire each other and set clearer strategies. Brainstorming creates space for different and inspiring ideas to be put forward. With this technique, many different innovative ideas emerge in a very short time.

The brainstorming technique, which is particularly useful in the advertising industry, focuses on the multiplicity of numbers, not the quality of ideas. When teams come together and apply this technique, they develop creative problem-solving skills. The background of the brainstorming technique is determined by the knowledge, experience and foresight of the team members. Lists are created by gathering all the ideas in crowded groups that provide services on subjects such as advertising, R&D and project management. Inspiring ideas from the lists that are most suitable for the team goals are evaluated to be used in the projects and a strategy is created within the framework of this idea. Places are as effective as people for creative ideas. Creative thinking skills increase in living, dynamic and modernly designed spaces. If you would like to work in Withco’s areas designed to increase creativity and efficiency, you can review our digital membership options here.

Brainstorming Techniques for Innovative Ideas

In industries such as advertising and project management, “Creativity is everything!” slogan is used. This slogan is valid for every sector in business life. The brainstorming technique is a great tool to generate innovative ideas and unleash creativity. With this technique, teams can produce much more creative solutions. Companies that want to offer a new perspective to their customers and develop their potential use brainstorming techniques to support their teams. The most frequently used brainstorming techniques that we encounter in business life are listed as follows;

  • Technique of Looking at Subjects Differently: Crowded team members in sectors where creative business ideas are dominant, gather the topic on their agenda under one title and related sub-titles are created with the ideas of the group. With this technique, whose extension frame is kept unlimited, different perspectives are brought to the subjects.
  • Listing Technique: A listing is made about the selected topic, and then ideas are listed as the opposite of the list made. In cases where many ideas emerge within teamwork, as in the advertising industry, inspiring ideas are evaluated.
  • Perspective Technique: Looking at a subject from different angles, developing a strategy, brings with it a better command of the subject. Team members develop a new perspective by researching, examining and digging deeper into the chosen topic.
  • Clustering Technique: In this technique, also known as mind maps, the focus topic is written in the middle of a blank white paper. The study continues by taking every word that comes to mind about the subject into a cluster. When completed, inspirational ideas are shared with team members.
  • 5Ws 1H Technique: Frequently used in journalism, “What?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “Why?”, “How?” and “Who?” The members of the team ask each other their questions. These questions, which generate innovative ideas on the subject, also inspire the development of new strategies.

Problem Solving

It is common to encounter many problems in different sectors and fields. Solving problems with the brainstorming technique and teamwork will both minimize communication problems among team members and help present more perspectives on the problem that is on the agenda. Group work, which is much more functional than individual problem solving techniques, supports developing new and inspiring ideas. If a participant in the team gets stuck, another team member takes the process to a new point with his creativity and experience. For large team members, this technique allows even the most complex problems to be solved in a short time.

While using the brainstorming technique for problem solving, the suggestions offered to get the highest efficiency are listed below:

  • Availability of all necessary equipment in the area where teamwork will be carried out.
  • Ensuring the environment, temperature, acoustic and lighting conditions at an ideal level.
  • The team members involved in teamwork should have as many different socio-cultural backgrounds as possible.
  • Creation of teams of 3 to 7 people.
  • Expressing the problem clearly and sharing it with the participants.
  • Keeping space for free association even though research and preparation have been made about the problem.
  • Recording the process with digital tools, as it will be difficult to remember ideas during work.
  • After all ideas are shared, continue the discussion to generate and develop innovative ideas.

Including Brainstorming Techniques in R&D Studies

Today, R&D studies are carried out in a very wide area. Among the project management tools, the most effective method is known as R&D. Companies often include R&D studies in their project management processes in order to bring innovation to the sector in which they operate and to achieve more successful results. These studies form the basis of the innovation process.

Innovative ideas only emerge as a result of R&D studies with well-executed problem-solving strategies. When establishing a new company, progressing with R&D studies and creating a strategy with teamwork increases the chance of coming to the forefront among the competitors. Looking at the R&D working systematic, it is seen that the project management processes proceed in three stages. These are;

  • feasibility process,
  • applied research,
  • testing process.

Teamwork in the Feasibility Process

Progress with teamwork in the feasibility process provides an accelerating effect. Supporting teamwork with the brainstorming technique creates the highest potential. Brainstorming about whether to implement the project based on the idea contributes to the feasibility process of the project or product.

In the applied research phase, whether potential customers are interested in the project, which is on the agenda, is examined through teamwork In this process, an accurate public opinion survey can be carried out with the support of research companies. When successful results are obtained from both stages, the third stage, the test stage, is passed.

Prototypes are produced with the strategies and targets determined within the framework of project management. Subsequently, trials are conducted on potential customers. The feedback received according to the test results is used in the development of the project or product and in creating a strategy Brainstorming technique can be used not only in feasibility but also in all stages of R&D studies. Thus, different innovative ideas can be included in the working process of the team at every stage.

Benefits of Brainstorming for Teams

Companies involved in business life bring their teams together to brainstorm in order to produce more creative and original ideas Industries that require higher levels of creativity, such as advertising, often use teamwork and brainstorming techniques. The brainstorming technique makes a great contribution to problem solving and developing new approaches when the team is stuck on an idea or project.

As the technique is applied, new strategies emerge and the inspiring ideas of the participants help shape the project. While applying the brainstorming technique in teamwork, the involvement of team members in the process without fear of being judged will provide more successful results from the technique. Managing brainstorming correctly increases the efficiency to be obtained. The benefits of this technique are as follows:

  • Increases job satisfaction and job commitment of team members through teamwork.
  • It enables individuals to produce innovative ideas and be more creative in both their business and private lives.
  • It increases the communication within the team and plays an active role in solving the communication problems in a short time.
  • It helps the team to work while having fun.

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