Withco STARBUCKS is welcoming everyone!

We welcome both our Withcolics and our external guests to the magnificent atmosphere of Withco’s red Giraffe for the pleasure of delicate coffee.

Whether you are a Withcolic using Withco services or a coffee lover who’s just passing by Withco;

Our STARBUCKS, serving the most popular flavor of coffee, is open seven days a week between “08:00 – 18:00”!


We are aware that nutrition plays an essential role in our lives. What we consume in our working hours affects our creativity, success and happiness directly. Serving all healthy, delicious, satisfying and hygienic food alternatives, YUMMYFIT is waiting for you at Withco Coworking Space!

Start dreaming, take action, keep going!

The menu, which is updated daily by Yummyfit dieticians, is being daily prepared by master chefs. Packaged meals arrive daily at Withco in refrigerated vehicles. Yummyfit cuisine aims to make healthy eating a lifestyle of people and is specially prepared for Withcolics’ busy schedule.