<h2>Events at Withco</h2>

Meet W’HALL, our multi-purpose space for crowded events and/or training activities. You can use our mini-amphitheatre W’SQUARE for all your boutique and/or social events.

You can bring together speakers and participants by taking current topics into consideration, and realise launches, presentations and promotions. Check out our event areas at Withco offering you special opportunities!

Explore Our Event Areas
<h2>Meetings at Withco<br>

Choose a meeting room that suits your needs! May your meetings be much more enjoyable under the dynamic, comfortable and energetic roof of Withco!

We design Withco’s corporate, sporty and multi-purpose meeting rooms, in a comfortable environment, with tea, coffee and various treats, according to your needs. All you have to do for a pleasant and inspiring meeting is informing us about the meeting date.

Meeting Rooms