<h1>WHO ARE WE?</h1>

Starting off with the motto “Do what you love! Enjoy your work!” and designing efficient collaborative workspaces and ergonomic offices, Withco Coworking Space İzmir has become the best and latest example of the shared office model in the Aegean Region.

Withco Coworking Space
Withco Coworking Space

Withco Coworking Space

Founded in Izmir in September 2019, Withco has been transformed from an old 3-floor flower warehouse of 3500 square meters into a shared office space with 80 ready-to-use offices at the present time.

Offering its members ready-to- use offices, virtual offices, a Withcolic Digital Membership (daily/monthly/yearly login services) solution, meeting rooms and event spaces, Withco also provides service with its Withco Shooting Studio. With its holistic common workspace concept,
Withco provides service 7 days a week under a single roof.

The 5-meter-tall red sculpture giraffe by artist Sinan Uyav, welcoming its members and all guests on the ground floor of Withco Coworking Space, is the biggest symbol of Withco’s positive, energetic and warm working environment.

Withco Coworking Space
Withco Coworking Space

Why a Giraffe?

The reason why Withco chose the giraffe within its corporate identity is that the giraffe is the tallest animal in nature that can look down on the world (seeing all that is going on on earth) and therefore has a protective spirit.

What offers Withco?

  • Cost-effective ready-to-use office solutions
  • Networking facility
  • High speed internet
  • Hybrid workspaces
  • Customized Office designs in the light of the world working style
  • Management and field force providing interaction and quick solutions
  • Service Opportunities between 07:00 – 00:00